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B&S Micrometer Depth Gage

Depth Micrometer — American made

Brown & Sharpe micrometer depth gages are made in USA. They're only available in inch models. Actually, they probably aren't available. B&S rarely has these in stock.

They feature a hardened precision base with 2.5" or 4.0" span. The width of the base is .5" These micrometer depth gages have friction thimbles like regular micrometers to minimize operator bias when taking measurements.

  • base width = 2.5" or 4.0"

These .001" graduation micrometers come in a mahogany case (unless the manufacturer suddenly decides to switch to plastic, which has happened before). The 1/8" (.125") diameter measuring rods have hardened steel ends. They are not carbide tipped.

  • rod diameter = .125"

Previous Brown & Sharpe depth micrometers were made in England. Rods are not interchangeable between models made in England or those currently made in USA. See bottom of this page for replacement rods.

Serial number and declaration of conformity are included, making this an easy item to add to your tool room. Repair service is available from Long Island Indicator, an authorized B&S repair facility.

For a discussion of depth measurement and other measuring options refer to page 112.

Caution: some websites, and even the B&S packaging, may suggest these are graduated in .0001" but this is a typographic error and these micrometers only read in .001"

  • graduations = .001"

These depth micrometers are often available at a discounted price when ordered through the internet. By all means, click on the "check price" links below to find the best deal. If your company must buy with a purchase order, then please get in touch with us.


Vernier depth micrometer with 4" wide base.

B&S Order No. Range Rods Base Width Internet Discount
599-603-123-3 0 – 3" 3 pcs 2.5" inquire
599-606-126-3 0 – 6" 6 pcs 2.5" inquire
599-606-128-3 0 – 12" 12 pcs 2.5" inquire
599-603-143-3 0 – 3" 3 pcs 4" check price and stock
599-606-146-3 0 – 6" 6 pcs 4" inquire
599-606-148-3 0 – 12" 12 pcs 4" inquire
Replacement depth rods
  • made in USA - .125" rod diameter

We do not carry replacement depth rods, but they might be available from other B&S distributors. Why don't we carry them? We have found out, much to our disappointment, that B&S rarely has these in stock and waiting times can be from many weeks to many months. We're unhappy, customer is unhappy. Not a good combination.



Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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