Interapid magnetic indicator stand


Interapid magnetic base for test indicators

Interapid magnetic base stand model UJ 15G. The Interapid test indicator is not included.

What is the advantage of not having an on/off switch for the magnet? Inch-for-inch, these compact magnets have more holding power than similar sized magnets with switches. They'll stay put and will easily fit into tight spaces. They're perfect for use with a steel surface plate.

Notice how the indicator clamp accepts dovetail and holding stems. One knob adjusts the height and angle of the arm along the upright beam, the other knob fastens and adjusts the angle of the indicator.

Manufactured in Switzerland, these are the highest quality precision measuring stands available. They're designed specifically to work with your finest Swiss test indicators: Interapid, Bestest, Tesatast and Compac. The stand will also work perfectly with any test indicator with a dovetail or 8 mm holding stem, the possible exception being indicators made in China which have tolerances so lax that often times they won't fit.

You won't have to fuss and hammer and pry and squeeze to get your indicator onto this stand. The indicator fits easily and perfectly. If you appreciate the workmanship that goes into Swiss test indicators, then you will also appreciate the design and construction of this magnetic base stand. Since you've invested in the best indicators available, you'll also want the best magnetic stand. The two work hand-in-hand.

You can easily clamp your Interapid indicator into the stand using the 4 mm diameter stem which you'll find attached at the end of your indicator (see photo). You can just as easily clamp any indicator that has a dovetail. You can attach an 8 mm diameter swivel holder or fixed stem to your indicator's dovetail and then easily attach it to the stand. Finally, you can insert and clamp any dial indicator that has an 8 mm stem diameter (which includes normal metric models and any Compac dial indicator). Be aware that inch model dial indicators with 3/8" stems will not fit.

You'll find a rectangular protective pad attached to the bottom of your magnet (just visible in the photo below). Under normal circumstances, do not remove it. This magnetic base can be used on a steel surface plate. The pad will protect your surface plate from scratches and make it easier to remove the magnet.

Absolutely ideal for use with Bestest, Compac and Interapid test indicators, and Compac dial indicators.


Model UJ 15G (alternate order number 01639016 or 16.39016)

  • Round base with permanent magnet
  • Holding force 350 N on a flat surface
  • 10 mm diameter upright
  • 50 mm diameter magnet
  • 106 mm high upright (without base)
  • 153 mm overall height
  • 68 mm overall length of horizontal arm
  • Indicator attaches by dovetail, by .315" diameter stem (8 mm), by 4 mm stem
  • Weight of base is 2 lbs.
  • Comes in a customized carrying case
  • Manufacturer's declaration of conformity suitable for ISO compliance.
  • Interapid UJ 15G indicator stand order no. 16.39016 ... check stock and price now


Other quality magnetic base options


Take a look at the Interapid magnetic base with on/off switch and an 11" reticulating arm which can easily be moved into numerous positions. See page 207.

For an American made option, there's always Starrett:

Starrett 657AA Magnetic Base




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New! Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators … page 178

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