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Group 3 Dial Indicator Equivalent Models

indicators with large dials

Group 3 dial indicators have large dials about 2.75" in diameter. The exact diameter can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is harder to make a large face indicator which remains accurate. You should only use these if there is a specific reason. Perhaps your dials are at some distance from the viewer and a larger face is needed so that it can be seen. Otherwise, stick to the Group 2 dial indicators which offer the same specifications but are less troublesome and will cost you less as well.

  • Refer to page 202 for Group 2 indicator comparisons.

This list does not pretend to be complete. We have only included genuine brand name gages which are generally available in the U.S. For additional information, click on any of the linked model numbers shown below.

Graduations Range Dial Back Stem Ø Manufacturer Model No. Origin
.00005" .004" 0-2-0 lug back .375" Dorsey 3I4-005 USA
.0001" .009" 0-4-0 lug back .375" Dorsey 3I9-01 USA
.0001" .020" 0-4-0 lug back .375" Starrett 656-118J USA
.0001" .025" 0-5-0 lug back .375" Starrett 656-111J USA
.0001" .025" 0-5-0 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3803S-10 Japan
.0001" .025" 0-10 lug back .375" Starrett 656-211J USA
.0001" .025" 0-10 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3802S-10 Japan
.0001" .050" 0-10 lug back .375" Dorsey 3I50-01 USA
.0001" .200" 0-5-0 lug back .375" Starrett 656-511J USA
.0001" .200" 0-10 lug back .375" Starrett 656-611J USA
.001" 1" 0-100 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3416S Japan
.001" 1" 0-50-0 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3417S Japan
.001" 2" 0-100 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3424S-19 Japan
.001" 3" 0-100 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3426S-19 Japan
.001" 4" 0-100 lug back .375" Mitutoyo 3428S-19 Japan


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