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Every now and then we have to clear our shelves of surplus stock. Here are some brand new items with excellent pricing while stock lasts. Items on this page sell quickly and may no longer be available. If that is the case, you will be notified.

  • Brand new
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Authentic (no Chinese rip-offs)

We are not including photographs because we assume that you already know what these items are. If not, then please check the side bar for information.

Note: all gages are new and never used, but some have been on our shelves a long time and the packaging may show its age.

Item Description Info US$
while supply lasts
Tesatast 18.10008 metric 0,01 mm test indicator with Ø 38 mm dial INFO $195.00 1
Tesatast 18.20204 vertical test indicator .0005" with Ø 1" dial INFO $195.00 1
Tesatast 18.20205 vertical test indicator .0005" with Ø 1.5" dial and 1.5" contact point INFO $195.00 1
B&S .001" test indicator INFO $195.00 1
Compac 243GL Swiss 0,01 mm test indicator INFO $195.50 1
Compac 245 Swiss 0,002 mm test indicator INFO $195.50 1
TESA 0088043 .700 Intrimik INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 3426S-19 drop indicator INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 2806SSN INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 122-126 INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 7316S INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 7300S INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 547-500 INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo 7321 INFO inquire 1
Mitutoyo INFO inquire 1

We have a surplus of quality gage blocks!

These are brand-new rectangular Mitutoyo gage blocks with expired calibration certificates. We simply stocked too many. If you don't need certification, then these are a steal. There is no reason whatsover to believe that they are no longer accurate just because the enclosed certs are outdated. They will be perfectly suited to any shop application requiring accurate ASME 0 gage blocks. Naturally, we have a limited supply and once they're gone, they're gone.

Size Part No. Grade Style Pieces
Price US$
.2" 611192-531 ASME 0 rectangular steel 1 $10.95 order now
0.1 mm 611821-531 ASME 0 rectangular steel 1 $9.95 order now
0.2 mm 611823-531 ASME 0 rectangular steel 1 $9.95 order now
6 inch 611206-531 ASME 0 rectangular steel 1 $12.95 order now
5 inch 611205-531 ASME 0 rectangular steel 2 $12.95 each order now

We have a surplus of Mitutoyo cables!

These are brand-new Mitutoyo cables for use with their digital "Digimatic" calipers, indicators and micrometers. You will have to do the research yourself to see if they are compatible with your model gages. The sales of these cables are final and cannot be returned. All cables are made in Japan according to the manufacturer.

  • Prices shown are per piece.
Mitutoyo No. Description Overstock List Price Sale Price US$ (each)
02AZD790A U-WAVE CONNECTING CABLE A 1 110.00 12.50 order now
05CZA624 SPC CABLE, 1M/40” 3 93.90 12.50 order now
05CZA625 SPC CABLE, 2M/80” 1 95.35 12.50 order now
05CZA662 CONNECTING CABLE (1M) 1 83.80 19.50 order now
936937 SPC CABLE (STANDARD TYPE), 1M 1 47.85 19.50 order now
959149 CONNECTING CABLE, 1M 3 49.25 19.50 order now
905338 PC CABLE (CD TYPE), 1M. 2 40.05 12.50 order now
905409 SPC CABLE (CD TYPE), 2M 2 47.75 12.50 order now

There is no question that Amazon can offer you the best prices on almost every kind of precision measuring tool. They also offer easy no-questions-asked returns and often free shipping. The small distributor simply cannot compete. That's why we include this link so you can go directly to Amazon and see what they're offering.

Two things to consider:

  • Amazon product photos sometimes don't match the product description. It's the description that you want to pay attention to.
  • There are imitation gages on the market (specifically Mitutoyo) and you can make sure you are getting the real item by looking for the words "sold by Amazon". If it is sold by a third party, you might want to call Mitutoyo to find out if they are legitimate distributors.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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