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Adapt-A-Tip Indicator Contact Point Adapter

If you need to reach into small holes or grooves you can use any one of the test indicator points which have either M1.4 or M1.7 threads, a 2 mm diameter shaft, a length of up to 5" and a small diameter carbide or ruby ball at the end. This is accomplished with an Adapt-A-Tip adapter. The adapter is about .33" long and it screws into any dial or digital indicator spindle which has a 4-48 thread. Then you screw the test indicator contact point into the adapter. It's an excellent solution for fitting into tight spots.

  • M1.7 Adapt-A-Tip adapter … MTC13-03 ... $19.50 order now

  • M1.4 Adapt-A-Tip adapter … MTC13-04 ... $19.50 order now

Important: contact points are not included. You will have to order them separately if you don't already have them. Examples of M1.7 contact point include Interapid and Mitutoyo test indicator points. Examples of M1.4 contact point include BesTest indicator points.


Adapt-A-Tip shown. The test indicator point is not included and is shown as an example of this adapter's use.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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