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Brown & Sharpe Swiss-American Valueline Dial Calipers
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Brown & Sharpe's offering of more economically priced gages includes this Swiss made series of dial calipers. They offer everything you might want: they look like dial calipers, work like dial calipers, smell like dial calipers, and have a trusted American brand name on them. Since most calipers are not economically repairable, you may feel it is a better non-investment to get a set of inexpensive calipers and just toss them away when the time comes. You can buy a new set for the price of a repair.


  • Reading: .001"
  • Thumb roller: none (this is the economy model which rides smoothly without the need for a thumb roller)
  • Batteries: none (this is all mechanical)
  • Accuracy: up to 4" = .0008", greater than 4" = .0012" (just like all other dial calipers)
  • All kidding aside, if you are going to buy low-cost calipers, these are a real bargain.
  • Swiss made is stamped on the body (see note below)

Optional depth bar: 05.60013 (aka 00560013)


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Ref: TESA 2016 BS-6

What will go wrong with your dial calipers?

  • Your calipers can become useless if a metal chip wedges itself against the teeth of the rack, which is partially covered, and you force the dial over the chip. This will bend or break a tooth on the gear. Useless.
  • Oil gets into the movement? Usually no problem. Coolant can gum up the works. Rinse it without disassembly in a solvent such as Naphtha.
  • The tips of the jaws get bent or broken. Useless.
  • Disassembly? Good luck getting it back together again. Don't do it.
  • The crystal cracks or gets cloudy. You might be able to buy a replacement crystal if you can find one.
  • The hand no longer points to zero. Tough call. If still accurate, leave well enough alone.
  • Nothing moves anymore. This is a throw-away model in a throw-away world. Hopefully you got your money's worth out of it.

A note about "Swiss Made": Federal laws of Switzerland allow a product to be labelled "Swiss" or "Swiss Made" if at least 60% of the components are of Swiss origin and final manufacturing is made in Switzerland. It is our understanding that the caliper beam (body) is of Chinese origin for these and other Brown & Sharpe dial calipers.

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