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Mitutoyo Back Plunger (Universal) Dial Indicator

An improvement in every way over the antiquated Starrett 196 Universal Indicator. We excerpt the following from the current Mitutoyo catalog:

Mitutoyo's back plunger type dial indicators are built with the measuring spindles on the back of the units. This type of indicator offers the same precision and durability as all other Mitutoyo dial indicators, and operates very effectively with optional holding bars.

Back plunger type dial gauges are suitable for mounting onto leveling machine tool tables or inspection jigs, and for use in small spaces where the graduations of standard dial gauges are difficult to see.

Model No. 1960T, a metric (0.01 mm) indicator which uses Mitutoyo's proprietary shock-proofing mechanism, has excellent durability and shock resistance. See details.

Optional Accessories (available from Mitutoyo distributors)

  • 136567: Holding bar (ø6mm, L=81mm)
  • 136568: Holding bar (ø8mm, L=81mm)
  • 124625: Holding bar (.25” DIA, L=3.19”)
Bergeon Jeweler's Screw Driver Set

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Ideal for depth measurement, Model 1168T has a dial which reads in reverse. When the plunger is all the way in, the dial will be at zero. Readings can then be taken as the plunger extends.

Graduations Range Dial Accuracy Model No. Price US$
.001" .2" 0-50 .001" 1166T check internet discount
.001" .2" 0-25-0 .001" 1167T check internet discount
.001" .2" 50-0 (reverse reading) .001" 1168T check internet discount


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Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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