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Mitutoyo Metric Dial Indicator

Mitutoyo is an obvious choice when selecting metric dial indicators. They are reliable and affordable. Spare parts are also available should you ever need to make a minor repair (new contact points, new bezel and crystal, new locking screw, for example.)

The bezel diameter is about 2-1/4" (57 mm). The mounting stem is a regulation 8 mm in diameter on white dial models. A yellow dial will indicate that it has a 3/8" diameter stem. It comes complete with lug back for secure fastening to magnetic stands, granite stands and fixtures.

  • white dial … 8 mm diameter stem
  • yellow dial … 3/8 inch diameter stem

It features a new Mitutoyo innovation: two dovetails are integral with the outside of the metal case to which you can easily clamp any dovetail accessory, including the bezel clamp (included). If you want, the indicator can now be mounted to a stand or fixture directly from the case rather than the back or the stem. Tolerance markers are included with this model.

Made in Japan.

When buying from an authorized Mitutoyo distributor, you are guaranteed to get a genuine Mitutoyo indicator, not one of the Chinese rip-offs which have recently flooded the markets at not-surprisingly cheap prices. If buying from Amazon look for the wording "ships from and sold by"

Caution! Many of the photographs at Amazon are wrong. Check the wording to make sure you are looking at the right gage.

Idea: add a magnetic base stand to hold your dial indicator. It's an ideal combination for the shop and automotive work.

Do you need to go deeper than 1"? Use contact point extensions with your dial indicator. These will not increase the amount of travel, but they will extend the reach.


Avoid getting ripped off by imitation Mitutoyo gages. If you buy from Amazon, verify that it "ships from and [is] sold by" or buy your gages through an authorized Mitutoyo dealer, such as Long Island Indicator Service.

Mitutoyo model no. Range Graduations Stem Ø Contact point thread Price (US$)
2050S-60 "water proof" 0 to 20 mm 0.01 mm 8 mm M2.5 check price and availability
2050S-19 white dial 0 to 20 mm 0.01 mm 8 mm M2.5 check price and availability
2050S-11 yellow dial 0 to 20 mm 0.01 mm 3/8" 4-48 check price and availability
2050S-01 yellow dial 0 to 20 mm 0.01 mm 3/8" 4-48 check price and availability
Some hints on maintenance, inspection and repair

Do not oil the spindle. If it gets dirty, wipe it with a cloth and some alcohol. Oil attracts more dirt which can hinder the free movement of the spindle.

Don't remove the top screw. The gears will disengage if the spindle drops down in to the movement. If you must unscrew it, keep the spindle in the up position until you've replaced the screw.

The indicator takes M2.5 or 4-48 thread contact points which you can change as needed.

When the plastic crystal is dirty, spray some Windex on a paper towel and then wipe the crystal clean.

Check the indicator periodically to make sure it's still accurate. Use gage blocks for this purpose. Check our ABC index for calibration instructions.

The indicator's serial number is printed on the dial face along with a scan code.

You'll risk losing the 1-year warranty if you mess with the indicator. Send it to Long Island Indicator for repair if there's a problem.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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