Mitutoyo ID-S Solar Digimatic Indicator

Mitutoyo presents the world's first all-solar powered digital indicator with SPC output.

We all know, intuitively, that the mass of batteries that are produced and thrown in our landfills on a daily basis is staggering and ultimately dangerous. Mitutoyo, always the leader in new digital measurement technology, has perfected a gage for us that is self-sufficient. You won't have to scrounge for batteries when the display suddenly fades away just as you are completing a critical job. No batteries are ever needed on this solar powered digimatic indicator. It operates perfectly well in regular room light and, if you need to work for a while in semi-darkness, there is a back-up that allows the gage to continue functioning for several hours before it needs to be brought into the light again.

This digital indicator works right out of the box. If you want, you can plug an SPC cable into it. You can also install a liftiting lever (optional purchase), on either side of the body (great for left handed users). Lug back is included, as shown. For ISO compliance, the gage comes with an easy to read serial number.

The display couldn't be easier to read or interpret. The numbers are extra large and there are no distracting doo-dads that make some of the other digital gages virtually impossible to decipher (we are making referece to the Tesa Digico indicator here).

Best of all, whether you need it or not, this is a highly sophisticated gage with full SPC output to your printer or computer. It can be integrated into your shop-floor production line or can be used by itself for the sheer joy of it.

SPC application requires additional cables of course, but the gage is perfectly useful even if you don't intend to hook it up to a data-gathering system. This indicator does not have its own data-send button so you will have to use a cable which has this button built in. Either of the following cables will work.

It has incredibly simple two or three button operation and these are easy to see and easy to press. One button switches from metric to inch, one button sets the origin, and one button reverses reading direction.


  • inch/metric
  • 3/8" diameter stem
  • lug back on center
  • 4-48 thread contact points for great versatility. Optional 4-48 points are available.
  • Dovetail mounting options on both sides of the indicator body
  • Optional lifting cable so that the gage does not need to handled during delicate operations
  • Measuring force is 1.5N or less.
  • Accuracy is ±.0001" (±0.003 mm)

You have options of 3/8" or 8 mm stem diameters, flat or lug back, and several different resolutions. The gages offered here can easily switch from inch to metric reading. Optional accessories are also available.


So versatile and easy that this may very well be the only indicator you need to own.


For data collection you'll need a cable, but the indicator works perfectly well without it.


Lug backs are designed for mounting the indicator on a fixture.

Range Resolution Stem Ø Back Order No. Price (US$)
.5" (12.7 mm) .00005" (0.001 mm) 3/8" Lug 543-502 check price and stock
.5" (12.7 mm) .00005" (0.001 mm) 3/8" Flat 543-502B check price and stock
.5" (12.7 mm) .00005" (0.001 mm) 8 mm Lug 543-501 check price and stock
.5" (12.7 mm) .00005" (0.001 mm) 8 mm Flat 543-501B check price and stock

There is no question that Amazon can offer you the best prices on almost every kind of precision measuring tool. They also offer easy no-questions-asked returns and often free shipping. The small distributor simply cannot compete. That's why we include this link so you can go directly to Amazon and see what they're offering.

Two things to consider:

  • Amazon product photos sometimes don't match the product description. It's the description that you want to pay attention to.
  • There are imitation gages on the market (specifically Mitutoyo) and you can make sure you are getting the real item by looking for the words "sold by Amazon". If it is sold by a third party, you might want to call Mitutoyo to find out if they are legitimate distributors.

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