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We are proud to be a Brown & Sharpe and TESA worldwide certified service partner

"We are open for business and prepared to repair your gages. Find out how. Thank you for your support."

Roy Meyer and team

Brown & Sharpe: An American Institution

Our relation with Brown & Sharpe began in 1959 when we started to repair their test indicators. By 1980 we had become a distributor and by 2020 a world-wide certified service partner.

Brown & Sharpe is a trade-marked brand name owned by Hexagon Metrology with offices in Rhode Island (US).

B&S has been an American institution since the early days — 1833 actually — of metrology and precision manufacturing equipment. Although only a few tools are still American-made, the majority of their best products are now manufactured in Europe and (gasp!) in China.

On this page, we lead you directly to those products which carry the Brown & Sharpe brand name. You will also find Hexagon products sold under the names of Interapid, Tesa, Etalon, Standard, Compac and others. Please refer to the general index for those brand names.

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(Trademarked Brown & Sharpe logo as displayed on their literature)

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