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The complete contents of this web site arranged by page number.

1 Table of Contents - page numbers (current page)
2 National and International Standards
3 Alina indicators and dial bore gages
4 Bestest indicator
5 Blake Co-Ax indicator
6 Questions and answers about your indicators
7 Calibration procedures: Do it yourself
8 Dial bore gage brand comparison
9 Contact us at Long Island Indicator Service
10 Correx gram force gage
11 Brown & Sharpe dial calipers and alternatives
12 Mitutoyo dial thickness gage and alternatives
13 Standard dial bore gage extension chart
14 Dial indicator brand comparison
16 Etalon indicating micrometers, dial micrometer
17 Dial indicator contact point — Round ball contact: cupped style in carbide, ruby, Nylon or Teflon
18 Credit card submission by secure server
19 Girodtast — the other Swiss test indicator
20 Mechanical or digital height gage with digital counter
21 Interapid test indicator contact points
22 Interapid IRA2 internal groove checking gage
23 Interapid test indicator
24 Mitutoyo spherical steel contact points
25 Contact point converter (adapter) inch 4-48 and metric M2.5
26 Sales terms
27 Index of topics
28 Magnetic base stand for indicators
29 Micrometer general information
30 Repair service
31 Repair shop tools
32 Starrett spare parts
33 Teclock indicators
34 TESA highest quality precision tools from Switzerland
35 Tesatast test indicator
36 Test indicator accessories: stems and holders
37 Test indicator brand name comparison
38 Dial indicator contact point with exposed carbide or ruby ball
39 Compac, SPI and Interapid dial bore gage
40 Compac dial indicator with 8mm diameter stem (discontinued)
41 Compac precision gages made in Switzerland
42 Compac high quality waterproof dial indicators
43 Compac test indicators
44 Dial caliper repair: a do-it-yourself guide
45 What is the difference between ID-S and ID-C?
46 Dial indicator equivalent models: inch
47 Contact point with flat carbide or nylon surface
48 Mitutoyo digital thickness gage with SPC output
49 Mitutoyo blade micrometer
50 Mitutoyo 2" travel dial indicator
51 Common radius dial indicator contact point
52 Contact point length extensions
53 Mitutoyo dial bore gage series 511
54 Mitutoyo indicating micrometer
55 Mitutoyo 1" travel dial indicator
56 Mitutoyo dial bore gage series 511 for blind hole measurement
57 Barcor chamfer gage
58 Measuring rods for caliper and micrometer calibration
59 Mitutoyo test indicator attachments
60 Mitutoyo .0001" dial indicator
61 Lug back for Compac and Mercer dial indicators
62 Dorsey Standard Bore Gage No.3 spare parts list
63 Interapid contact point installation: What you must not do
64 Starrett magnetic base for indicators
65 Carbide needle contact points for dial indicators
66 Button contact point for dial indicators
67 Flat button contact point for dial indicators
68 Flat disc contact point for dial indicators (Mitutoyo style)
69 Contact points for test indicators
70 Metric dial indicator model equivalents Size 2
71 Spherical carbide tipped contact point for dial or digital indicators
72 Spare parts lists
73 Starrett 711 Last Word indicator parts list
74 BesTest and Tesatast indicator parts list (horizontal model)
75 B&S / Tesa / Etalon dial caliper parts list
76 Dial bore gage setting and usage
77 Compac test indicator series 210 and 220 parts list
78 Compac test indicator series 240 parts list
79 Bent hardened steel AGD contact point
80 Compac dial bore gage (.27 to .50") parts list
81 Compac dial bore gage (.5 to 1.0") parts list
82 Compac dial bore gage (.8 to 2.0") parts list
83 Compac dial bore gage (2-6" and 2-12") parts list
84 Compac dial bore gage indicator series IAP500 parts list
85 Compac dial indicator series 350 parts list
86 Compac dial bore gage indicator series IAP360 parts list
87 Etalon indicating (dial) micrometer parts list
88 Interapid test indicator parts list
89 Tapered needle contact points (Mitutoyo style)
90 Group 0 miniature dial indicator equivalent models
91 Mitutoyo Quantumike micrometer
92 Packing List
93 Mitutoyo test indicator — Truetest model with slanted dial
94 Granite surface plate
95 Knife-edge carbide tipped contact point (Mitutoyo style)
96 Make your own indicator contact point with machinable steel
97 TESA metric dial caliper
98 Brown & Sharpe Twin-Cal digital calipers
99 Brown & Sharpe style A Intrimik
100 Brown & Sharpe – an American institution
101 Mitutoyo Solar Digimatic indicator with SPC output
102 Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair Manual
103 Brown & Sharpe dial calipers
104 Mitutoyo metric dial indicator
105 Etalon dial calipers
106 Mitutoyo back plunger dial indicator
107 Interapid – How to repair damaged dove tails
108 Compac metric test indicator
109 Tesamaster micrometer with digital counter
110 Blake Co-Ax center locating indicator: Contact points
111 Dial indicator score card
112 Depth measurement
113 Pin vise for dial indicator contact points
114 Federal style contact points for Group 0 dial indicators with 0-80 threads
115 Interapid measuring stand
116 Reference books and "How-To" guides
117 Starrett 711 Last Word indicator
118 Conical steel contact points with 60° and 90° angles
119 Roller point in hardened steel, stainless steel, and Teflon
120 Adapt-A-Tip contact point converter
121 Steel rules — steel rulers
122 Mitutoyo test indicator — standard model
123 Overstock sale items
125 Group 3 dial indicator equivalent models
126 Brown & Sharpe Valueline magnetic indicator base
127 Mitutoyo solar powered digital caliper
128 Mitutoyo — Is it real or fake?
129 Brown & Sharpe micrometer
130 Mitutoyo micrometer depth gage
131 Indicator calibrator
132 Brown & Sharpe MW216 and MB216 dial indicator
133 Dial indicator contact points AGD and M2.5
134 Fractional steel ball contact points
135 Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers
136 Vernier calipers for professional measurement
137 Mitutoyo Pocket Type test indicator
139 Dial indicators: Some considerations, for what it's worth
140 Mitutoyo dial calipers
141 Flat hardened steel contact point
142 Interapid IRA2 hole and groove checking comparator: contact points
143 Mitutoyo OD micrometer (mechanical/analog)
145 Starrett Digital Bench Micrometer
146 TESA Micromaster micrometer
147 Starrett Automotive Crankshaft Micrometer
148 Test indicator model equivalents
149 Mercer Dial Indicator - small dial
151 Directory of Accredited Calibration Laboratories
152 Crystal / Bezel diameter: How to measure an indicator bezel
153 Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer Coolant Proof IP65 micrometer with .00005" accuracy
154 The contents of this page have been moved to page 40
155 Brown & Sharpe Universal Back Plunger Indicator made in USA
156 Interapid Test Indicator crystal replacement
159 Etalon Swiss made precision instruments
160 Dial Indicator equivalent models with long travel aka drop indicator—travel indicator
161 Mitutoyo Test Indicator Spare Parts — slanted dial models
162 Mitutoyo Test Indicator Spare Parts for test indicators made between 1997 and 2016
163 Setting rings and setting master
164 Gage blocks - Gauge blocks
165 Mitutoyo Standard Style Dial Bore Gage
167 How to read the graduations on indicator dials
168 Mitutoyo test indicator spare parts — horizontal models
169 Mitutoyo test indicator spare parts — vertical models
170 Mercer premier quality dial indicator
171 BesTest indicator: How to mount the dial base plate onto the indicator body
172 Point micrometer
173 Dial Caliper Depth Base Attachment Swiss Brown & Sharpe, TESA, Etalon "T-Bar"
176 Mahr Digital Calipers MarCal Series 16 EWR
177 Repair manual for BesTest and Tesatast indicators
178 Companion reference guide for test indicators
179 Test indicator model equivalents: horizontal
180 Dial Indicator Contact Points - In General
181 Test indicator model equivalents: vertical
182 Starrett 120A-6 dial calipers
184 Mitutoyo pipe and tubular thickness gage
185 Brown & Sharpe Valueline IP67 digital calipers
186 Mitutoyo test indicator contact points
189 Mitutoyo Digimatic Digital Caliper Repair
191 Interapid test indicator repair service
192 Shipping and handling information
193 Mercer and Compac series 550 dia indicator parts list
194 Compac test indicator repair manual
195 Mitutoyo Quick Mini digital thickness gage
196 Mitutoyo Digimatic digital calipers with SPC output
197 Metric test indicator model equivalents
199 Starrett Last Word indicator repair manual
201 Test Indicators: What can go wrong?
202 Inch dial indicator Group 2 model equivalents
203 Mitutoyo caliper depth base attachment
204 Micrometer ball attachments for Etalon, Brown & Sharpe, Mitutoyo and Starrett micrometers
205 Compac test indicator contact point
206 Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper IP67 Coolant Proof Caliper with SPC output
207 Interapid high quality magnetic base for indicators
208 Interapid indicator repair manual
209 Mitutoyo dial thickness gage with 4.7" deep throat
210 Metric dial indicator equivalent models AGD Group 1
211 Starrett Last Word indicator: How to remove the pointer hand
212 B&S Value-Line Micrometer Sets Inch Reading - Friction Thimble
213 TESA Isomaster micrometer (SWITZERLAND)
215 Brown & Sharpe VALUELINE An economical alternative to BesTest Indicators
216 Mitutoyo thickness gage with interchangeable anvils
218 Bestest and Tesatast contact points
219 Mitutoyo Backs
220 Kafer metric dial or digital thickness gage with 200 mm throat depth
222 JWGrum — a collaboration since 1980
223 Mitutoyo test indicator: How to repair the damaged center pinion
225 BesTest and Tesatast vertical indicator spare parts
230 Extra long (5.5") contact point for Interapid indicators
231 Starrett Last Word indicator: how to install the contact point
233 Crystal insertion for indicators and dial calipers
235 MarTest test indicator
236 Mitutoyo Digimatic indicators — uncomplicated reliable measurement
239 Starrett 708A 708B 709A 709B indicator and spare parts
240 Side mounted (parallel style) test indicator
241 Vintage measuring tools: A photo archive

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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